DSS The Mod - Inventory and Crafting Guide

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Опубликован в 20 Jul 2018 / В Строительство

Short and sweet video showing the crafting and inventory menu for DSS The Mod.
This video assumes you have been on a successful looting spree and have acquired some essential survival kit.
Press the "H" key to bring up the DSS menu, from there if you have the required items you can, chop some wood, build a fireplace, cook meat, build a tent etc.
More content and features will be added to the crafting and inventory menu as DSS The Mod develops.

DSS The Mod created by Ranwer135.

DSS The Mod - http://steamcommunity.com/shar....edfiles/filedetails/

Bohemia Interactive Forum- https://forums.bistudio.com/to....pic/182729-dss-the-m

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